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brown and black American bisons on grass field during daytime_edited_edited.jpg

Born in Buffalo

Made in Buffalo

Statue Options

male 3.jpg

Adult Male Statue

Painted: $2500.00

Dimensions are 96"L x 32"W x 60"H

200 LBS. 

Customer Statues

About Us

What We Do

Our fiberglass buffalo statues are produced by our company Specialty Fiberglass Inc. here in Buffalo, NY. We started creating the statues in 2010. We now have statues roaming Nation Wide.  We have done many custom paint / vinyl projects on these statues,  Feel free to contact us about delivery and shipping options.

City from Below_edited.jpg


 Our business hours are M-F: 7am-4pm. 

35 Dole Street
Buffalo, NY 14210


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